Is your child sensitive to or overwhelmed by different sensory inputs? Do they seek out sensory stimulation throughout the day? Has a therapist or other professional suggested your child would benefit from fidgets, weighted clothing, or other sensory soothing tools?

This book includes instructions for more than 30 projects. They range from simple tools that can be assembled in minutes to weekend endeavors where you can invest your time and love. The book also includes information about each sensory system and ways to modify the projects to meet individual needs.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


We met our Kickstarter deadline! That was really important to us so for a Spring Kickstarter we set a super realistic deadline and said prizes would be shipped in December. And we made it (even finished early!) The last book and prize were sent right before Thanksgiving. I used up a roll of packing tape and a lot of recycled bubble wrap and a free subscription to and it got done. Thank you again to all of our supporters.

And pretty much the minute the last book shipped we moved into the holidays. Hosting Thanksgiving, planning a Christmas party, traveling for the holiday etc etc. 'Twas the season!

Kristin and I agreed that not much would happen on the sales and marketing front until January but I just checked my calendar and January is 2/3 done. Another challenge of self publishing--you have to do all your own marketing too!

So today I went on a run and listened to the Craftsanity podcast and started really thinking about implementing our marketing plan. I decided I'm finally re-energized and ready to get going. The book isn't worth much if nobody knows it exists as a resource.

If you've got a blog or other social media and want to be a part of our DIY marketing campaign, shoot me and email. I'm thinking traveling quilt project and I've got a few other ideas.... Stay tuned.