Is your child sensitive to or overwhelmed by different sensory inputs? Do they seek out sensory stimulation throughout the day? Has a therapist or other professional suggested your child would benefit from fidgets, weighted clothing, or other sensory soothing tools?

This book includes instructions for more than 30 projects. They range from simple tools that can be assembled in minutes to weekend endeavors where you can invest your time and love. The book also includes information about each sensory system and ways to modify the projects to meet individual needs.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Our kickstarter campaign concluded today at 5 pm. Woohoo, we made it!

On the site, we were $4 away from our stretch goal but I actually received $10 in cash donations at the craft fair so I'm calling it a success! Time to get chapters polished up to send to the editor we can afford to hire! This post has too many exclamation points!
And I can stop obsessively checking our Kickstarter dashboard.

Thank you so much to all 48 backers!

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