Is your child sensitive to or overwhelmed by different sensory inputs? Do they seek out sensory stimulation throughout the day? Has a therapist or other professional suggested your child would benefit from fidgets, weighted clothing, or other sensory soothing tools?

This book includes instructions for more than 30 projects. They range from simple tools that can be assembled in minutes to weekend endeavors where you can invest your time and love. The book also includes information about each sensory system and ways to modify the projects to meet individual needs.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Our kickstarter campaign concluded today at 5 pm. Woohoo, we made it!

On the site, we were $4 away from our stretch goal but I actually received $10 in cash donations at the craft fair so I'm calling it a success! Time to get chapters polished up to send to the editor we can afford to hire! This post has too many exclamation points!
And I can stop obsessively checking our Kickstarter dashboard.

Thank you so much to all 48 backers!

Friday, May 15, 2015

The end is near

Our Kickstarter campaign ends Sunday at 5 pm. This will be the only chance to pre-order (at a reduced price of $20) before we launch the book in the Fall (likely for $25).

We're within $100 of our stretch goal which is great but almost more awesome has been connecting with so many folks interested in our book.
I'm looking forward to finishing Kickstarter and getting back to writing and editing.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Video content

I made a few videos to show techniques that are easy to do but hard to write about. The videos are on YouTube but my channel is such a mess of kid videos I wanted to post them here. I'll probably create a few more videos once the book is out if anything is confusing to anyone but, in the meantime.

Sewing poly pellets into pockets for the Weighted Blanket.
 Sewing a French seam (for the Weighted Blanket and Target Crash Pillow)
Sewing satin binding on a quilt (for the Texture Quilt)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The beginnings of Super Toys

Each year I keep a notebook that I use for, wait for it....notes! This is where I record random lists and phone numbers and funny things the kids say. I try to keep it with me so rather than writing on scraps of paper I am bound to lose I write all in one place.

In the summer of 2013 I went down to Escondido to meet up with Kristin and we went to our 20th High School reunion. The next day while we were hanging out I told her all about my ideas for this book and we agreed we should write it. Then we spent an hour jotting down ideas of what we might include.

I just found my 2013 notebook on the shelf and it's amazing how much from these scribbled notes has made it through to the final draft two years later.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Super Toys in real life

Last Saturday I had a table at a small craft fair to advertise the book and our Kickstarter. The show traffic was a bit slow but it was still a great opportunity to see kids interacting with the toys.

We had supplies to allow guests to make a Calming Bottle or a Gel Bag. I expected the Calming Bottles to go quick but in fact the Gel Bags were more popular. I let the kids squeeze in the Gel then add glitter, sequins and food coloring before sealing it up with patterned duct tape.
We got a few small donations toward the book and one visitor went ahead and pre-ordered the book on Kickstarter. It's been neat seeing how this project is received by the public--so much positive feedback. Only 9 days left on Kickstarter then it's back to spending my evenings editing book text rather than messaging Kickstarter backers. I have a good life.

Friday, May 1, 2015


Tomorrow is the Nest Fest at my friend's business in Fair Oaks. Kristin and I decided to launch our Kickstarter with the thought that I could advertise our campaign at the event. That and Facebook were really the sum total of our marketing plan.

Lo and behold, we've already reached our $1000 goal! Amazing. I have been so incredibly surprised and humbled to see who has supported us. Co-workers who I don't know especially well are stepping up with generous contributions, friends from Kristy's community of OTs are in the mix, both of our parents and other family members. So many friendly names on the Backer List.

But I'm almost more surprised and impressed to see how far the campaign has gone. An OT student in North Carolina bought the book and passed the campaign link around to classmates. A special ed teacher bought the book and left an encouraging note. The pledge that got us over $1000 was from a man in Alaska.

I can't believe how motivating and encouraging this entire experience has been.

We posted a stretch goal today--if we hit $1500 we'll be able to hire a professional copy editor to make the book just that much more perfect. It feels like we just might do it!
We'll be making calming bottles at the Nest Fest so guests can take home a sensory tool.