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Friday, April 17, 2015

Little helper for a lycra swing

Originally posted October 7, 2014

First off--how many years do you think it will be before I remember that October is my one and only month of blog traffic thanks 100% to this post about making mandarins into Jack-o-lanterns. It's really great idea and really terrible photography. Which is now all over Pinterest. Sorry, Pinterest, for inflicting terrible photos on you. Just trying to stand out in a world of perfect images ;)

One of these years I'll remember that folks come by in October and I'll plan some really awesome posts. But this is not that year.

So, if you are visiting from Pinterest, hi!
Oscar was helping in the sewing room this week. First he helped me arrange and stitch the lycra.
Then he tested the swing.
And he liked it!

For whatever reason, the swing patterns I want to include in the book have been the biggest headache. As far as I can tell, it's 99% about fabric choice and 1% about design which makes it very hard to write a pattern and feel confident that others will get the same results. This lycra (from JoAnn Fabric) actually does work! It worked for Oscar and equally for (much heavier!) me. So I feel like I'm getting close.

You can see the Sawyer Swing abandoned on the ground in the back. That's the one swing that's been awesome. My kiddos both love it. We keep it up all the time (except when I have to test other swings!)

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