Is your child sensitive to or overwhelmed by different sensory inputs? Do they seek out sensory stimulation throughout the day? Has a therapist or other professional suggested your child would benefit from fidgets, weighted clothing, or other sensory soothing tools?

This book includes instructions for more than 30 projects. They range from simple tools that can be assembled in minutes to weekend endeavors where you can invest your time and love. The book also includes information about each sensory system and ways to modify the projects to meet individual needs.

Friday, April 17, 2015


Originally posted March 26, 2014

Not that the book is done yet but I have been thinking about marketing/publishing. To give myself a deadline and some step goals I've decided to publish selected, individual patterns as pdf downloads. They'll be priced affordably and I'll ask buyers to pretty please provide feedback on the pattern so I can further perfect them for the book.
My goal is to list the first pattern (for the Target Crash Pillow) on Craftsy and Etsy by Friday but I need a descriptive blurb. To force myself to write it I'm turning it into a post. Feedback welcome. I'll let you know when the pattern is posted.
Target Crash Pillow Downloadable PDF Pattern
It’s like having a foam pit in your house! The Target Crash Pillow is perfect for children who like to bump, and jump and crash and hurl their body into your furniture. It’s also a safe place to land under an indoor swing or next to a bed.

The Crash Pillow has a removable, washable cover and the graphic target motif looks cool in a kid’s play space or your living room.

This listing is for an instant pdf download pattern. The three-page full color, detailed pattern does not include pattern pieces to trace but describes how to cut out the pieces and assemble a Crash Pillow for your family. You'll need a sewing machine and basic sewing skills.

Soon, very soon, the Target Crash Pillow pattern will be part of a book I'm writing chock full of projects to meet the needs of children with sensory challenges. But, for a limited time until the book is released, I'll be offering individual patterns as pdf downloads at an affordable price.

As a personal testimonial, I designed this pattern in consultation with my friend who is an occupational therapist and suggested that a large, foam pillow would be a useful project for children with sensory challenges. I created the pattern and prototype and since I finished it,"Crash Pillow" has been a fixture in our living room. Turns out all kids love this one. It has been one of the best things I've made for my toddler son, third grader daughter and even my husband. Family tickle wars forever!

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